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Personal Injury

We accept a limited number of personal injury cases so that we can devote our full attention, time and resources to obtain maximum compensation for our clients. We focus on exceptional customer service, keeping our clients informed on a regular basis, never rushing to settle, and ever vigilant preparing for the litigation battle ahead. Our clients have endured severe, life altering and often permanent injuries, and it is an honor and a duty that we commit ourselves to serve them.

Debt Settlement

Bankruptcy and Debt Settlement Papers

Our bankruptcy attorneys also work in debt settlement so that we can share ideas about the most effective way to settle debt. Sometimes, debt can be settled early in the process, before legal action is taken. In other scenarios, we work to defend our clients in court before we can reach a fair settlement with the creditors. In all of our cases, we keep our clients informed about their options; and, because we are bankruptcy lawyers, we can utilize the bankruptcy option when that is the best choice for our clients. We maintain a good working relationship with creditors and their law firms. These relationships can help us reach settlements faster than other law firms.

Wrongful Death Attorney

Coping with the unexpected death of a family member is devastating, especially when the death was the result from another person’s negligence. Let our experienced team of lawyers help you and your family fight for your rightful compensation. We will deal with insurance companies and make sure your rights are protected. We understand everyone’s circumstances are different and we are here to help your family through this difficult time. Contact us today for a consultation.


Bankruptcy Petition

We offer a free consultation to anyone needing help with financial matters. Our exceptional customer service means we take the time to explain all options available, including bankruptcy, so our clients can make an informed decision. Most of your assets are protected by law, not based on what you paid for them, but based on their current fair market value. Our clients benefit when we analyze and evaluate household income relative to necessary monthly living expenses. We then break that information down for our clients to ensure they understand exactly what is happening and how we can best protect their livelihood.

General Civil Litigation

Often times our clients have other legal issues that come up in a number of areas. Our clients may need assistance with developing a business, a property dispute, understanding and/or creating a contract, marriage dissolution, or creating an estate planning document. Our firm possesses the knowledge and experience to help in almost any circumstance and we refuse to rest until all of our clients’ questions have been answered. Our dedication to relationships sets our firm apart and results in a reputation for excellence.

Real Estate Loan Agreement

Real Estate

Are you looking for a real estate attorney? At J D Haas and Associates, PLLC in Bloomington, MN, we represent businesses and individuals in commercial and residential real estate matters. We also work with title insurance companies. Our experienced team will make sure that you are fully informed during each step of your legal journey.

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